Vitamin C Serum Benefits

By · Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

Vitamin C Serum Benefits

Vitamin C Benefits and Anti Aging Skincare

by Dr. Farid Mostamand – the founder of Focus Medical Spa and author of Ageless Skin obsession. Check out our sites and learn more about other skin care articles for Neocutis and facial cream.

When you think of Vitamin C, do you only think of orange juice and preventing the common cold? That is probably what most people first think of. Unfortunately, it’s been found that this vitamin does not actually prevent colds. It may lessen the duration of your cold if you take enough of the supplement over time, but not once you have the viral infection.

Have you also possibly remembered that sailors used to take the vitamin to prevent scurvy? What’s scurvy, you might ask. Well, it is an extreme deficiency of Vitamin C in our bodies. It causes fatigue, shortness of breath, rough skin, bone pain, bruising of skin, gum disease, poor healing of wounds and many other symptoms, eventually resulting in death if not treated.

Vitamin C is found in many fruits (especially citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons), bell pepper, strawberries and various other vegetables. Our bodies cannot synthesize the vitamin as we lack the protein to do so. So we must get this essential vitamin from other sources. It is an important vitamin. It helps with the healing of wounds by forming scar tissue. It restores and maintains tendons, bones, and teeth.

Those early sailors would suffer from a lack of fresh fruits and vegetables on board their ships, the very items that contained Vitamin C. They began to suffer from skin ulcers, bleeding under their skin, and bone weakness. Then it was discovered that Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is the key to making collagen, the protein that aids in skin growth and strength. It firms up the skin, plumps it, prevents moisture loss and can thus iron out your wrinkles, lift eyes that have drooped, diminish eye bags and eradicate other skin issues, such as the eye dark circles.

Ascorbic acid lessens the effects of free radical damage to your skin because it is an antioxidant. Free radicals can destroy your skin when pollution, cigarette smoke, the sun and other outside elements disturb our cellular process. A build-up of free radicals in the body is what is mostly responsible for the aging process. These nasty free radicals have a hand in developing cancer, heart disease and even arthritis. This important vitamin can be found in creams from Ageless Derma and others because it will lessen your eye bags, lift eyes by getting rid of puffiness and lighten the eye. Dark circles can make anyone look older than they are (and tired too). The antioxidant effects of Vitamin C will brighten your entire face, especially when it is utilized in combination with other important anti-aging ingredients such as Vitamin K, Vitamin E and Retinol.

Vitamin C has the distinction of being able to reverse DNA damage in addition to neutralizing free radicals that take the energy from your skin’s cells. Under your eye, dark circles can make you look older than your, and it could be something hereditary, that you were born with. Let Vitamin C reverse this damaging look. Let it rid you of your eye bags, those puffy suitcases under your lower lids that you also may have had from birth! Why not lift eyes upward, widen them and make them younger looking?

Sunburn is caused by exposure to ultraviolet B radiation. This dangerous ultraviolet ray is what causes the type of sunburn that can change skin cells and make them cancerous in addition to prematurely aging the skin. If you make a cream with Vitamin C and other ingredients a part of your daily skin care regimen, you will be able to prevent sunburn, skin cancer and other skin irritations with proper applications and daily use. Vitamin C actually can help fight against the formation of tumors which can be cancerous. You will be healthier; your skin will be smoother and more supple as a nice side advantage.

In addition to treating wrinkles, preventing cancer from the sun, destroying free radicals, and making collagen, Vitamin C can have a lightening effect on the skin’s pigmentation. The cream you purchase should have at least 5% ascorbic acid in order to be effective. Vitamin C oxidizes quickly and a discolored cream is a sign that it is no longer effective.

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Best Anti Aging Serum – All of the Excellent Things Concerning Vitamin C Serum

by Sarah Strong – the Marketing and Advertising Research Specialist for Salvere Health.

Acknowledged the whole world over as among the best anti-aging products, vitamin C serum delivers a wide range of beneficial effects. While the marketplace has already been fully bombarded with a long roster of anti-aging products and solutions, not all of them have been clinically proven to get results for the treatment of colored spots in the skin as well as in getting rid of wrinkles and fine lines. It is also for this reason that many people have been on the hunt for these kinds of products which make use of only natural ingredients.

Vitamin C for face – Properties and Characteristics

Scientific tests and research have indicated that vitamin C is fully packed with skin-rejuvenating attributes. As a water-soluble antioxidant, vitamin C is powerfully helpful in synthesizing skin collagen. In addition to that, vitamin C can help protect the skin from the harsh negative effects of sunshine. As a person grows old, the vitamin C count within the body significantly reduces as well. Also, people who smoke quite a bit will visibly display a fast decrease of vitamin C content within their bodies.

Vitamin C Face Serum Uses and Advantages

Unbeknownst to many, vitamin C isn’t synthesized within the body. It has to be taken in through oral vitamin supplements or through one’s diet regime. To get the maximum anti-aging power of vitamin C serum, it should be applied topically. The benefits of vitamin C can be easily noticeable on one’s skin.

All-natural vitamin C serum can be applied to shield one’s skin from the harsh results of ultra violet sun light. Using a blend of vitamin C and E can remarkably minimize many types of sun-related aging. It is interesting to note that collagen synthesis has a bearing on the aging process of the skin. And with the use of vitamin C, the skin collagen process is stimulated, which further stimulates the various anti-aging properties including skin toning, skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, among many others.

Vitamin C for Skin and Other Skin Difficulties

A rise in color deposition on the skin triggers the aging process. These unwelcome pigment deposits result in the darkening of some patches of the skin. As a remedy, vitamin c serum can be applied topically to help you lessen the skin discoloration. Vitamin C serum has also recently been scientifically proven to increase the distribution of vitamins to the skin cells. Studies have also suggested that the external application of the serum helps keep the vitamin C within the cells longer and ultimately encourage collagen synthesis, further reducing the aging effect on one’s skin. Available in the market in concentrations of at most 25%, vitamin C serum effectively neutralizes damage caused by free radical activities, which further eliminates some other skin problems which include dark spots, redness, and tone discoloration.

Vitamin C Antioxidising Advantages – Best Antioxidant Serum

The antioxidising benefits that you get from vitamin c face serum include the remarkable enhancement and protection from oxidation-related damages. Vitamin C serum will not only slow down the aging process, it can even reverse it to some extent as it improves the skin’s ability to hold on to fluid, which is the secret to reducing the progression of wrinkles and fine lines while encouraging younger-looking, glowing skin.
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How is Vit C Serum Different to Other Anti Aging Serums


Vitamin C is a very popular ingredient in skin care products because it is a free-radical fighter and helps produce collagen naturally. This is because the serum from vitamin C has a higher concentration of L-ascorbic acid. When starting out with a vitamin C cream, it’s a good idea to gradually increase usage by starting off with the cream that has a lower L-ascorbic acid concentration. You can start with a vitamin c serum that has a 10% concentration, and as your skin gets used to it, you can increase to a serum that has a concentration in the 15-20% range.

What does the vit c serum do?

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